More About Mike

Mike Wichmann is a 30-year resident of Mariposa County and a retired Civil Engineer/Project Manager from the US Department of the Interior, National Park Service. He brought his small family to the area in 1992 when he was assigned the role of construction supervisor for the NPS Warehouse and Maintenance Complex in El Portal, CA. Mike has managed more than $170 million in NPS planning, design, and construction contracts during his 32-year career. He was fortunate to work with some of the best architects, engineers, and builders in the West. 

Since his retirement in 2019, Mike has worked part-time for two private firms and pursued many personal interests in the local area. He enjoys the Sierra Nevada foothill (outdoor) lifestyle and what he likes to call the “Mariposa Way” - small-town people being good to and accepting of each other. Mike likes that we are all connected to the natural environment, make our own fun, and are fulfilled because of it. With the wisdom of 60+ years on this ever-changing planet, Mike has found that there’s no bigger priority (value) in life than to stay healthy in body, mind, and soul. He looks forward to the opportunity to promote better healthcare facilities and services in this community.